4K TV IS THE FUTURE, ARE YOU 4K READY? 900 300 Nate Moore

If you are a television buff, then you have most likely heard of the 4K TV. Considered the next generation of television, the 4K TV provides you with a quality viewing experience with a massive amount of features. Companies such as DynamiqAV can provide you with the installation of such futuristic television capabilities as the 4K TV and help you to learn just how the television can change the way you enjoy entertainment.

What is 4K?

A 4K television, also known as UHD, is a television using new technology that quadruples the number of pixels that are found in the full picture of HD. These pixels create a 3,840 x 2,160 configuration which is quite different from the standard 1920 x 1080 of HD TV with other models.

Why is 4K Better?

You may be wondering why a difference in pixels can change the way you view television. With a 4K TV, you have extra resolution. The images provide more detail, depth and color in the picture. This will provide you with a viewing experience that is very lifelike, almost like the people are popping out of the television!

4K is the most effective on large screens. A 65 inch television is the best option to take advantage of this new technology. However, the technology does provide quality on any TV size, so you could essentially purchase a smaller television if you want to try out the 4K capabilities.

It is recommended that you sit closer to a 4K television to get the best effect during viewing. This being said, if you are planning on creating a home theater system around a 4K television, you might want to consider a larger screen and closer seating.

At Dynamiq AV, 4K TVs can be purchased and installed in your home theater to provide you with the ultimate in entertainment for your home. Learn about home automation, including surround sound systems, lighting and more to truly customize your home for the best theater experience. The 4K TV is the next generation of television and one that you are sure to enjoy!

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