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October 2016

The Best Gear to Include in Your Home Theater System

You’ve finally decided to have a home theater system installed. This is an exciting time in which you know you’re that much closer to sitting down and watching the latest NetFlix movie in style. As you reach for the phone to call a TX home theater installation service, you may wonder what exactly you’ll need to have installed.

First Considerations to Think About

When it comes to choosing the gear for your home theater, you’ll have to take several factors into consideration. Most notably these include your budget, your theater space and your ideal needs. For example, if your unused basement is going to be your theater, you’ll have a huge area to work with. You might want to include big speakers, subwoofers and a projector. To top it off, you can add in some décor such as a life size R2-D2 cutout or King Kong gorilla. Let’s face it, anything associated with a movie will make your theater that much more awesome!

What About a Small Space?

Small spaces can make great home theaters too. However, they are generally more suited to a sleek flat screen TV and a compact surround sound system. Compliment this with a Blu-Ray DVD player, universal remote and streaming media player and you’ve got yourself a comfortable place to relax and watch all the best Hollywood hits in style. If you want your own R2-D2, but lack the space, consider small figurines and posters – they’re fun too.

Sound Proofing Your Home Theater

If there are other people living in your house, especially little ones who go to bed early, you may want to think about sound proofing your home theater. There are a number of ways to do this, and will not require you to bring in a team of construction workers to put up new walls. If you’re budget is not suited to sound proofing, opt for wireless headphones. As long as you choose ones which are of a good quality, the sound will be nearly just as good as speakers.

DynamiqAV: A Houston TX Home Theater Installation Company

If you’re ready to turn that empty space into an eye-catching home theater, or want to upgrade your current gear, DynamiqAV can help. Our licensed team of home theater installers can assist you on finding the perfect gear to meet your budget, needs and theater space. Give us a call today to chat in further detail at 832- 777-5404.

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