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November 2016

The Safety Benefits of Mounting Your LCD to the Wall

Between 2000 and 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 262 people died from a standing TV falling onto them. With such alarming results, the CPSC developed various campaigns to encourage people to mount an LCD screen to the wall; thereby, preventing such tragedy’s from happening.

Primary Benefits of an LCD Wall Mount Installation apart from the most important safety benefit of mounting an LCD screen the wall, there are several more to consider.

Flat Screens Are Mean to Be Mounted

Although a flat screen TV may come with a stand; they’re ergonomically designed to lie flat against a wall. Flat screens have special attachable bolts which can be safely hung on the wall to give you optimal viewing options. They may also have an extendable arm or height adjusters to truly customize your viewing experience.

You Could Prevent Neck, Shoulder and Eye Strain

By mounting your LCD, you will be able to control the angle or tilt of the TV which will allow you to watch your favorite shows at a height appropriate to your eye level. You may even notice less neck, shoulder or eye strain by making such customized adjustments. A LCD installation service should be able to determine a family friendly height and overcome any special obstacles like a mantle or fireplace.

You Create More Space

By mounting your LCD to a wall, you immediately will create more space within that room. This area could become a safer place for children to play without having to worry about any injury. Your LCD is also kept out of “harms” way by reducing the risk of any objects hitting or poking the screen. Finally, you may have a larger space for furniture, walking around or even exercise!
DynamiqAV: A Houston TX LCD Installation Service

Installing an LCD screen is an easy process which can be done in just a short time. Many branded LCDs come with safe wall mounts. If not, they can be purchased separately at an affordable price. Starting at just $99, our licensed and certified LCD installation technicians can find the perfect place to mount your LCD screen. If you would like to know more about our professional services, please contact DynamiqAV today.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Report

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