If you like to be enthralled into a movie and feel as if you were really there, you need a sub woofer. In fact, no TX home theater system would be complete without having one. A sub woofer has the ability to resonate deep bassy sounds which help to take the action up a notch. Skip out on the sub and you’ll surly miss those heated, intense rich moments in a movie or show. Now that you know how important the sub woofer is, you can move onto choosing the right one, and that’s a process which may require some advice from a home theater installation expert.

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is what allows you to feel the movie and the music by creating what is known as bass. It has one purpose and that is to play low frequencies, through the movement of air, enabling a viewer or listener to be fully embraced into the experience. Subwoofers have become crucial to home entertainment systems as they allow the viewing of films to be played in the precise way the director and producer intended. Music has always been played through a wide variety of instruments no matter the genre or decade; from classical ballads to top 40 hits, subwoofers are a necessity for music lovers too.

Powered Subwoofers

A powered subwoofer, also referred to as an active subwoofer, typically has the speaker and amplifier built into the same box (some do come as individual separate components). The biggest benefit to powered subwoofers is they do not drain resources from the current amplifier. This allows all other speakers to have a constant supply of power, which means crisper and cleaner sound. Powered subwoofers also limit amplifier overheating; this is common with some home theatres and typically why a movie or CD does not sound as sharp from the beginning to the end. Another benefit of powered subwoofers is the versatility of the enclosed system. It can be used with any home theatre amplifier that has a subwoofer connection, which most do.

Passive Subwoofers

Passive subwoofers require power from an external amplifier. Normally they are plugged directly into the current amplifier along with the rest of the speaker system. As technology grows, wireless speakers and sub woofers are growing as a trend. Currently, not all brands are equal in their wireless capabilities, so be sure to consult with a home theater expert.

The most important thing to consider when buying a passive subwoofer is to ensure the power consumption can be handled by your current amplifier without the other speakers being affected. Many top brand amplifiers have a large supply of power for speakers and a subwoofer, and some brands have integrated specific components to better distribute the power when a passive subwoofer is plugged in. The best benefit of passive subwoofers is they are common enough for many systems to include them into their home theatre packages, making it easier to have an enjoyable listening experience immediately after being installed.

Which is best for you?

Determining what sub woofer is right for you comes down to the type of home theatre system you want installed. Both passive and powered subwoofers have their advantages and disadvantages, yet both are equal in performance. If you’re undecided about a sub woofer or type of home theater system, it’s recommended to speak to someone who understands the fine details in addition to your requirements and financial budget.

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