If you’re at all staying up to date with TV technology, you’ve most likely read or heard about 4K. If you’re not familiar with 4K and what the difference is between it and some of the other HD technologies, you’re in the right place. As Houston TX home theater installation experts, we think 4K delivers some of the best viewing experiences possible. Here we’ll run through the basics of 4K technology and tell you how you can access 4K compatible content.

What is 4K?

4K is a type of high resolution which is 4096 x 2160 pixels. However, to fit this type of video onto a 16:9, standard picture format 4K becomes altered to 3840 x 2160 pixels. To give you a better idea, this is four times the pixels of full HD. If you want to immerse yourself into the 4K experience, you will need to have a compatible TV and a source for 4K content. Up until the last year, getting these things was not easy and would put a nice hole in your pocket. Now, your options for 4K content and television have significantly increased and include televisions, projectors and smartphones.

How to Watch 4K Content

The following are the easiest ways you can watch 4K content in your home theater:

Netflix and Amazon

Just because you have a 4K TV will not mean everything you watch becomes 4K. Rather, you need to have a 4K source. Currently, the best options for this are Amazon or Netflix. Both offer a special streaming service specifically for 4K. Netflix first introduced 4K through House of Cards: Season 2, with Breaking Bad following in suit. Now, content is being added on a regular basis enabling you to get the most out of your 4K home theater.

Blu-Ray and YouTube

If you want to play DVDs or discs, you will need to have a 4K Blu-ray player in addition to the discs. These can be rather costly, so unless you have a large budget to spend on discs, you may be better suited to a streaming option. There are also a limited number of 4K videos on YouTube. To view them, you will need to have a 4K monitor or connection between your computer and your 4K television.

4K Media Players

A number of media players enable you to watch 4K content. These include the Amazon 4K Fire TV, Sony Video Unlimited 4K and the UHD 880 4K by Phillips. Although similar to streaming services like Netflix, 4K media players connect you with specific ‘platforms’ where you can select and download a movie or show. Currently, the media players are limited with Sony having the largest selection of over 250 titles.

Consulting with a 4K Home Theater Installation Company

Transitioning into 4K may take a little bit more research and planning to ensure you have the full set up. You will also want to consider having good speakers and proper cables; otherwise, your investment could be hindered in terms of the overall quality and experience. DynamiqAV is a home theater installation company based in Houston TX. Our licensed technicians and 4K specialists can help you to do determine what the best solution will be for you 4K needs and budget. Contact DynamiqAV now for further advice and support.