(Sung to the tune of “Feelings”)

Wo-ah, oh, oh…

They help the ‘bots to find you
Who guide the readers to you

(I’m still working on the rest.)

That’s right, along with my other not-quite-good-enough skills, I’m a wanna-be lyricist. I got my son to watch “On the Town” on Netflix this week. Gene Kelly and the gang. When the credits say “Music by Leonard Bernstein and Book by Adolph Green & Betty Comden”, I’m book.

Oops, forgot the all-important keywords: TVs, media cabinets and racks, mounts, receivers, sound-bars & speakers & sub-woofers, projectors, remotes, power surge protectors, installation, wiring, DVRs, security, and automation

See how I subtly mixed those words into the context so you didn’t notice the product placement ? That’s what a good lyricist can do for your song (or company). Let’s face it: we are all selling something. Hopefully, it’s our ideas or skills, if not then our time – which doesn’t pay nearly as much. A company like Dynamiq AV, they turn your ideas into reality. I like to say, “There is knowledge and there is experience. You can gain knowledge from someone who has experience, but you can only gain experience by doing it wrong first.” (Wow, let that sink in.)

When trouble-shooting something that doesn’t work, whether it be a car, a computer, or a Home Automation package, the real advantage of experience is it lets you ignore the “static”, all the things that don’t matter. I look at a car and, see equipment and wires, and hope I can find the oil dip-stick. I’ve sat there looking at computer code that wouldn’t work, and had someone walk past me and say, “You missed a comma.”

When it comes to Home Automation (or plumbing), it really falls under that “Do not try this at home” category. Not unless you have the skills and experience. Your ideas count – a lot – after all, it’s your home. But take those ideas into an In-home Design Consultation. First, they know stuff. Stuff most of us wouldn’t think of. Second, they have the experience to know what doesn’t work, what works, and what works better than that.

Home Automation is something you definitely want to get right the first time.