ULTRA 4K BLU RAY IS HERE! 700 243 Nate Moore

The Release date for the new Ultra 4k Blu-ray player has been announced for March 2016. Samsung announced that the UBD-8500 will be its first offering for the US market. Of course, Dynamiq A/V is your authorized Samsung dealer so please contact us to pre-order yours today! Panasonic Has also announced that it too is set to release its 4k Blu-ray player later in 2016.

This is the moment we have been waiting for in the audio/video realm. All of the promises of crystal – clear images and descriptions of a window- like experience will finally become reality. Sure, we have already received a taste of the new format thru some YouTube, Netflix and Amazon streaming, but Ultra 4K Blu-ray disks will have more technology such as HDR that will allow your Ultra HDTV TV to be used to its full potential. At Dynamiq A/V, we have been planning for this and are ready to help. Let us design a 4K system for your living room or media room.

Although the video quality will be the most noticeable change, Ultra 4K Blu-ray will also incorporate an advanced audio codec. Dolby Atmos is the newest format in audio that will change the entire experience of movie watching. If your system supports it, you will be able to hear the movie as if you were truly in a theater. Many new receivers as of summer 2015 are now not only able to accept 4K, they are also Dolby Atmos enabled.

Many studios have agreed to release titles in the new format in their new releases as well as some past titles. This is welcome news since we will be able to compare the past films and see thing that we have never seen before. Soon we will look at 1080p the same way we see an old tube TV. Perhaps the biggest benefit for 4k will be in projection, where the image is magnified. A picture that looks great in 65” starts to show its imperfections at about 80” and above. 4k Projectors have become a lot more affordable and if you have a dedicated theater room you have been looking to finally finish, now is the best time.

Our commitment to our customers is unrivaled. Please feel free to call and speak to one of our 4K specialists. Our specialists attend factory training directly from the leading brands in 4K such as Sony and Samsung. We are well versed in 4K and can guide you every step of the way from research to purchase, and installation.