If you’re considering a home theater installation, the sound is going to be a major factor to your overall satisfaction and experience. That said there are a few different speakers you can choose, including the traditional ‘box’ style, in-wall or in-ceiling. Each has enticing benefits which could provoke you to consider one over the other. The following are a few tips to help you make the wisest decision (and purchase):

Sound Quality: In-wall speakers are very much like box speakers, but they are fitted into the wall. The sound will be the same as those you would put on the floor or home audio shelf. In-ceiling speakers may not disperse the audio in an even way, rather some sounds may be isolated into one fixture or another; however, this may not always be the case. The thickness and length of wiring can also have a significant impact on the sound quality as well. In general the thicker the wire, and shorter length, the better the quality of sound will be. You can also consider types of metal coverings on the wire, and we’ll cover that in a later article.

Unable to be Moved: Unlike floor or wall mounted box speakers, in-wall or in-ceilings speakers cannot easily be moved once they have been installed into your home theater system. They also must be positioned in the right place to produce the highest quality sounds in the room.

Understanding Wiring: In-wall and in-ceiling speakers require wires to be run from the audio system to every speaker location in the room. This wiring must be done in a precarious manner to avoid potential interferences with studs, plumbing, electricity wires or heating and cooling systems.

Longevity: If you prefer to swap your home theater equipment, including speakers, out every 6 months or year for the latest technology, built-in speakers are probably not ideal for you. Replacing or upgrading them can be done, but it is time consuming and costly.

Professional speaker installation: Finding an optimal area for the speakers and wiring to these locations takes skills and expertise. If anything goes wrong, your sound quality may be hindered. It’s highly advisable, and worth it, to hire a professional home theater installation service in Houston to help you with this precarious task.

What’s Better In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speakers?

If you’re leaning towards installing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, the final decision should depend on the sound you’re looking for. Home installation experts may tell you that in-wall, as well as wall-mounted speakers produce the best sound at ear level; whereas, in-ceiling speakers emits sounds above your head. Both has their benefits, but the in-wall and mounted speakers are preferred by most people. If you do choose in-ceiling speakers, it’s still advisable to use some sort of speakers in front of you and to the rear if possible.
Contacting a Home Theater Installation Provider for a Free No Cost Home Consultation

If you’re still unsure about which speaker is most suitable for your home theater area and budget, talk to a professional. DynamiqAV Integration specializes in custom home audio and video installations in the Houston, TX. area. If you’re ready to install an audio system, or entire theater into your home, contact now for a free no cost home consultation.